Today so little racing atmosphere on my Facebook so it worth to say a few words about the new Audi R18 prepared for the new season to race at Le Mans in 2016 and the preparations for the sports season and changes in the world of Audi Sport. The premiere of the new Audi R18 was in Munich in November on the occasion of Audi Sport Finale event in the Audi Training Center Munich. LMP1 car that will perform not only at Le Mans and in the FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship) offers innovative aerodynamics and modified hybrid system with lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. The diesel engine has also undergone changes to become even more efficient. The new incarnation of the Audi R18 is the strongest and most powerful car ever built. Audi this statement indicates that it does not intend to let go in the competition and even harder pressed the gas pedal to earn another podium. The first FIA WEC race at Silverstone will be held on 17 April 2016. Audi exposes him two new cars, which of course will go in the Audi Team Joest, with the best drivers behind the wheel. Our sister brand Porsche also next year will start 2 cars.

In a world that is special to me -DTM undergone cosmetic changes. Amount of cars involved in the struggle is not changed, the number of drivers also came only to swap between the teams, Nico Muller occurs behind the wheel of the Audi RS5 DTM in Audi Team ABT and Adrien Tambay will be a driver in the Audi Team Rosberg with Jamie Green, winner the largest amount of the podium in 2015, that I had the opportunity to see. For the whole DTM 18 races, Audi has won the podium 10 times.

The most interesting is GT Racing season, Audi R8 LMS has an amazing popularity . It’s no wonder looking even at today’s race and the podium 12 H Sepang raze. The plan for today is 46 cars in the 2016 season. Audi R8 LMS will perform in races on four continents.
The most important and special events are 24H Nurburgring, Spa, 12 H Bathurst and the FIA GT World Cup in Macau.

This is what makes me happy is continuation of the Audi TT Racing Cup, which we will continue to see as accompanying DTM racing. The number of participants competing in next year is 20 drivers. I look forward to another exciting season with this year’s champion Janek Kisiel which vainly sought in the media and Gosia Rdest. Many submissions this year and I am not supriced, beaucse it is a great opportunity to start exist in the world of sports. At the end I can say …. it will be a great year full of challenges, competition and cups.

Foto: Audi