Audi recorded a sales increase in Europe in November by 6 percent. It enjoys because everywhere we read about the failure of the Volkswagen Group through the flue affair.
In connection with the introduction of new models like the Audi Q7, who until November sold 3,300 cars and Audi TT (sold ok.1550 cars ) we can observed higer sales trend. Audi A3 e-tron, one year after the launch of production also enjoys customers attention. In Western Europe is the number 1 in sales of electric cars in the premium compact segment, in Norway and the Netherlands one in four customers decided to buy this model. The total supply of all models in Europe are about 742 300 pieces.
The higest sales are in Spain, the country has achieved increase in sales in November (3 349 cars). Germany did not lag behind and its sales there also tends to increase.
Audi has issued 252 976 units (+ 5%) to customers in Germany since the beginning of the year.
In the both Americas, in particular Brazil and Mexico Audi can boast good results, respectively sold 1,243 cars in Mexico (up 21.2%) and 1,427 cars in Brazil (up 13.6%). In the US sales remained at the level of last November, there has been a slight increase, 0.4% (16,700) compared to November 2014, despite the temporary halt of sales of the diesel models. Audi Q7, the new generation will be available from January 2016 so it is the reason of sales growing statistics also.

Foto: Audi