Stephan Wendt became the owner of the Audi 60L from 1971 through the auction portal for and price of € 1250. Two years of work cost him to bring the car to the current state but as it is a specialist mechanic and welder,  apart hard work was  was pleasure. Body was upgraded, the rear wheel arches have been widened by 20 mm. Nowadays, the factory version would have been a little anemic, that's why  under the hood is a heart of Audi 80 1991, 2 liter petrol – 136 horsepower 16 valve. Engine compartment was painted white to emphasize the effect of the work done.

The interior received a new look. Tachometer and speedometer also come with the Audi 80. Seats in beige alcantara finished with a blue-gray accents. The center console is made from scratch, leather and brushed aluminum panels were painted. Removed the ignition, now its  the  button  for start the car. Knob gearbox is retro and purchased it, at a store with tuning accessories,  with the steering wheel. 

On board we find radio JVs with two Pioneer subwoofers. The lights are original and orange directions lights as before. The exhaust system made of stainless steel, whole builded by owner hands. All car style is completed  shiny wheels 16 inch Schmidt TH, combined with Dunlop tyres 215/35. First trip ended in failure, fortunately it was just fault of  faulty bearing. 

Throughout the whole work with that  project, worked hours, days, holidays … always bravely supported her man Nadine … because the most important in love and passion to always have someone with whom it will be shared, and who will understand it. Audi 60L regained its luster and as befits Audi is simply classic, invariably despite the passage of years – beautiful.