I bought the quattro back in 2011 after about four years of searching for a good one. At the time, I had a 1983 quattro which I was planning on restoring. It was in very poor shape and needed a lot of work to be finished. The plan was to build the 1983 into a rally car. Well, come fall of 2011, I find a for sale ad on a classic Audi website for the 1981 model. As soon. As I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. It was exactly what I was looking for. I bought it sight unseen and had it shipped to me. I ended up selling my 1983 quattro to a gentleman from Sweden.

Originally a German market model, it was one of the first quattro's imported to North America. See, Audi didn't officially start selling the quattro in the USA until 1983. A few 1982 models did make it in, they were test cars for Audi of America I believe. As far as I know, there are only a handful, maybe 5 or so, other 1981 models in the USA. Being a European spec model and not a US model, it has the higher horsepower motor, metric gauges, halogen lights, and no safety bumpers, side impact beams, or catalytic converter. 

Light Performance Works later modified the car for weekend rallying. Guy Light – who was building rally Golfs for Volkswagon of America at the time – installed a performance suspension, new turbo, an ECU modified by Ned Ritchey, a roll bar, dash top gauges, map lights, and large auxiliary driving lights. The car was not driven much after that, eventually winding up unceremoniously parked in the corner of a warehouse for many years.

A few years back, a rally enthusiast found the car buried away and brought the quattro back to life. He carried on with the rally themed modification using Audi Sport's 1981 Group 4 quattros as a template. Unlike later A2, S1 and E2 rally quattros, the early Group 4 cars were very close in specification to their road-going counterparts. The quattro was then used for SCCA ice racing in Michigan until it ended up in a collectors garage. 

I bought it from the collector and after a few weeks of negotiating and working out the details, the shipper showed up with my new to me 1981 Audi quattro. It was in good shape but needed some work to really become a great car. There were rust issues and general maintenance items that needed to be addressed. Over the past five years, I have been slowly working to build it right. My goal is to preserve it by keeping it running and driving. There are also plans in the works to finish the car as a full historic group 4 spec rally car.


List of modifications/work I've performed:

Rewired the headlights with relays
replaced misc switches/bulbs that didnt work
Patched a big rust hole in the trunk
Rebuilt the shifter and added an 034 short shift kit-
new shifter bushing, custom shifter pivot rod
Summer wheels R8 Ronals with BFG tires
Recaro Profi Seats
Refinished the exhaust
Porsche 986 brembo front calipers, 034 custom brackets and rotors
new brake proportioning valve
ate super blue
Urs4 rear calipers and rotors
upgraded to newer style dual cable e brake 
Fixed rust on the quarter panel
Rear oil cooler
Fixed diff locks-
new diff lock actuators
new vacuum lines front to rear
Refinish suspension, subframes
034 delrin control arm bushings
034 delrin rear diff mount
034 aluminum subframe bushings
034 track density diff and trans mounts
a1 racing coilover setup
2 Bennett springs 
350lb fronts
400lb rears
Meyle HD top mounts
Group 4 Front fiberglass bumper
Group 4 fog light mounts
Group 4 front crossmember
Group 4 rear fiberglass bumper
a2 grill
ron davis aluminum radiator
carbon kevlar radiator shroud
new radiator fan
new radiator tank cap
kevlar front engine cover
Bosch 044 fuel pump
New Fuel accumulator
New Fuel Pump
New Stainless Fuel lines
Refinished gas tank
New wheel bearings all 4 corners
"correct" trunk tie downs

More photos in gallery – https://flic.kr/s/aHskA3QGK1