It's been a year like the Audi Woman blog occurred in the network. Thanks to my friend who one day said that my Facebook looks like an advertisement for Audi's, what pisses smiley it occurred to me the idea that it time to let free my friends, who do not share my passion and create something separate, where I can share my passion.

2015 was a special year …. with lots of events in life that will stay forever in the memory. Auto events in Poznan and Warsaw, travel on DTM racing to see and meet people who until now, I knew only from the Internet, the Audi Quattro Experience, Polish premiere of the Audi A4 in Warsaw, finally test drives, which permanently etched into my life (at least I hope) and most importantly … I have met many people who are my "motivators" give impulse to action, offer their knowledge that divide and their talents doing such a beautiful pictures on this blog. My Audi friends, thank you for the support that you always are, and provide assistance, even as you have to give me "on the head": 6 Sense Interactive, Audi A4 Klub Polska People who are the source of my inspiration and often care about is that no novelty did not escape my mind: Alessandro Alderici ,Chris Ceret, Hugo… THANK YOU. I would like to thank Audi Dealership in Lodz – Grupa Krotoski-Cichy for their cooperation, which I hope will develop enough to this change that blog in a unique place for people loving brand four rings but also for those who had so far not known. Thank you, Sebastian Chudzik for a beautiful photos of the cars, which I met behind the wheel and whole the others.

We start 2016 in 1183 the number of people who follow this blog. I Don't know about you but I am hungry for more smiley I am very pleased that the comments that you write, you send photos, this is a sign that place here is needed, and you read it all. And that's the best reward I could imagine …I have ideas for contests for you so I think 2016 yer it will not be boring wink

Best regards, Audi Woman