As I wrote in the previous part Audi Poland lent us for trip to Ingolstadt by Audi A4 allroad quattro and the Audi Q5 quattro.

Today a little bit about the Q5 model.

As you know, this model is a vision of the company when it comes to the economy, high standard and comfort. First difference I saw changing the car from Audi A4 to the Audi Q5 it is the visibility. The car is higher and therefore gaining more visibility on the road. For me, this is definitely an advatage because I am not tall 🙂 I felt perfectly.

On board facilities were impressive … sound system from Bang & Olufsen … subject experts know that the sound quality is far from being a serial sound system. For me it is a very important thing, because I love the music and its an integral part of driving for me in the car.

We had inside also S line styling package, Comfort package, the package stylistic Feinnappa for standard seats, assistant driveway, panoramic glass roof and all the other elements that were previously discussed on board the Audi A4. We know that the password comfort is not overrated.

Under the hood, the four-cylinder diesel engine 2.0 that generates power 130 KM and 320 Nm of torque. The quattro drive system with automatic transmission the S tronic. The maximum speed is 192 km / h and accelerates in time from 0 – 100 km of at 10.9 seconds

When it comes to economy… You can see the difference between the two models … Audi Q5 arrived on Ingolstadt at one fuel tank , Audi A4 Allroad where I have been the driver – not

Of course, the Audi A4 had to deal with gasoline and hot blooded engine which generates 225 KM.

Travel from Ingolstadt to Poland takes a long time but the Audi Q5 seats are so comfortable that I did not felt tired.

Summary …. perfect car for me its "body" and the interior of the Audi Q5 but under the hood would possess the power and advantages of the Audi A4 Allroad.

At next part relations from the day we had so much waited for…. tour the factory and Museum Mobile and I forgot of course… reflections on the wonders of what can be served in the restaurant Avus …

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