Year 2014 was special to me …. Why? I was able to experience what it is like when dreams come true … .but from the beginning…. As you know I have a moto passion and the Audi brand is special for me. I was very happy when I appeared on the Facebook fanpage Audi Poland. Previously I followed fanpage Audi USA but we know what our Polish is our … That's why my firsth words at Audi Poland FB fanpage was – finally. After some time, I was able to be at the prapremiere of the new Audi A3 in Warsaw, among other elect. It was great, because better then watching the photos is to be able to touch and see. But I will write about it another time. Here, I met an amazing honor … ..Thank you for this Audi Poland … you know that you had a wonderful team 😉 I Answered the phone with an invitation to the place where your passion is born … .Can you imagine something like that? Apparently I was in the forefront of the Audi geeks on FB I believe, because I am there everyday. It's already part of the day.

A trip to Ingolstadt 

Audi Forum Ingolstadt, visiting Audi factory, museum, dinner at Avus restaurant, trip? Audi cars Poland and the behind the wheel – you. It sounded like a fairy tale? It was true. On the occasion of more then 10 000 likes on Facebook fan page Audi Poland, surprise for the most active fans and the winner of the contest, which was on the fanpage Audi Poland. Trip lasted from 9 – 11 June, and it was an unforgettable day. I met some great people. From the beginning, we had a great relationships. We met all together in Poznan. The four chosen from different parts of Poland. I remember sitting in the restaurant company in anticipation. We wonder what it will be the cars? Of course, we wanted RS6. Emotions reached its zenith when we got gifts: T-shirts, catalogs and specification of the cars, which we had to go. It was the cars both with quattro drive and automatic transmission S-Tronic.

Audi A4 Allroad 2.0TFSI quattro

Today I will write about the A4 allroad car . he took me to Ingolstadt. Audi A4 allroad – 2.0 TFSI engine with a capacity of 225km and 350 Nm, top speed of 234 km / h. I have not checked due to a lot of seats. Producer talks about burning in the urban cycle at 9.0 outside the city 5.9 and average 7.0. liters per 100 km. One tank was not enough to get to the destination. Audi had a beautiful sports equipment 3 armed, leather-trimmed multifunction steering wheel. I really enjoyed it. Great fit to my hand. Packages: storage, lighting, assists- Audi parking system, Audi active line assist, adapts, and optical package of additional interior lighting package. On-board computer with color display and function to optimize fuel consumption – a great. Media- Audi Bluetooth auto-dialer, MMI navigation plus system, Anti-glare mirror function. Highbeam Assist with twilight sensor lights and rain sensor. Heated mirrors and heated front sport seats (which were made of leather Alcantara). In the trunk very comfortable system of rails and handles. Hood with a mechanical shutter control on the rear side windows. Plus xenon headlights with LED tail lights and daytime lights LED are beautiful, at night "look" of the car becomes wild look.


For someone like me who first had the opportunity to drive a car with four-wheel drive , such a car is a dream. Love at first start which does not mean that you should be careful to not the end up in the ditch. The weather was perfect for the trip, and it was possible to enjoy the ride. Installed systems make it really comfortable . Audi active line assist has proven to be great into the narrowed section of the route. The car itself corrected their position relative to the adjacent lane. MMI navigation plus system … .. beautiful, my B6 did not have to deal with such a gadget … beautiful 3D color map was impressive. In conjunction with Internet access include a lot of useful information from Google, available fuel stations in the vicinity, fuel prices, restaurants and other facilities … Music … .very important when I am driving and complement experience, because I love to drive a car especially when the trip is fast and long distance…